Recently I heard someone on one of my many networking meetings (or maybe it was a mastermind meeting) talk about the different people in our life.

The analogy she used was directed to entrepreneurs and she spoke about the people we have in our right hand versus our left hand.

You’re probably aware that if you’re a coach, author, speaker, corporate trainer, healer, realtor, general contractor, or professional, you’re either an entrepreneur or business owner.

You do not have the same attitudes and outlook as someone who is an employee and gets a paycheck. However, you may have come from a family of folks who are comfortable getting a regular paycheck.

The people in your right hand are the people you grew up with. They’re your family; parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends from school. They view you in a certain way because they knew you as a child.

If you are any kind of entrepreneur and you share your business goals, marketing ideas, or meetings you plan to attend, they are often not supportive. Why? Because they may have come from a paycheck mentality and cannot understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. I’m not saying this is either bad or good. It’s just the way it is.

The people in your left hand are other entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, and members of your network who are also in seminars, workshops, or working with the same business coach. When you share your business goals or marketing ideas with the people in your left hand you can get positive or constructive feedback and/or support. They have often dealt with similar goals or concerns.

This was highlighted for me when David Riklan, who created, spoke about the loneliness he felt when he spoke about business with his family and how much he appreciated having a network of online business people he could speak with.

The important thing to remember is each of us, and you included, have people you can place in your right hand, and people you can place in your left hand. Beware of who is in each hand when you want to share your business goals or marketing ideas.

What would you like to share with the people in your left hand?

To Your Prosperity,