Many years ago, I read a book that suggested you can change your dreams while you sleep.

This concept fascinated me, as I often had a recurring dream where I was being chased by a large, foreboding monster and was unable to run away. In the dream, all I could do was slowly crawl away.

This was not good enough to escape some monster.

After reading the book, I decided that the next time I had this dream, I would not only confront the monster but destroy it.


Did you realize you can actually change the dreams you’re having while you sleep?

Years later, I met someone at an event celebrating a mutual friend who was moving from the U.S. back home to Australia.

In our conversation, she mentioned her dreams and how she wished she could create a different outcome. This reminded me of the book I read so many years earlier, and I told her I would look for that book and send it to her.

After searching, I couldn’t find the book, not even on Amazon. I wish I had a better system to organize my books, like a library or a bookstore.

Can you find the books you read that you might want to refer back to?
If so, what is your system?

To Your Prosperity,