Hi. I am Dr. Saida Desilets and I am thrilled to talk to you just for a moment about my good friend, Rennie. I adore Rennie. Rennie is amazing. I had the opportunity to spend real live time with Rennie; I’ve done his online course; I’ve read his book; I’ve had some one-on-one coaching.

He’s an amazing human being and he’s an incredible wealth coach. Here’s why: He actually walks his talk. Everything Rennie puts out into the world comes from a very generous place, but not only that, an embodied place. And this is important to me: I don’t want to learn about wealth from people who are not wealthy. And I don’t want to learn about wealth from people who were actually born wealthy, because I want to learn how from the person who did it from nothing to wealth, like amazing.

Yes, so that was my interest in Rennie. I’ve loved every moment I’ve ever spent with him, and will continue to love those moments because he is constantly in my life and constantly a great source of inspiration for me.

So if you’re feeling in your heart that you would love more guidance on wealth, more guidance on your finances, from a very practical, do-it-now, get results way, then definitely invest in whatever it is that Rennie is offering today because it is going to serve you in tremendous ways. – Saida Désilets


Rennie Gabriel’s programs and concepts provided me with practical tools and guidance to address both the mindset and strategies of creating wealth. While I was skeptical about what I could learn and apply in such a short time, I was blown away by all the value and delivery of the rich content. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to make a bigger impact in the world or simply add
more joy, money and ease to their own lives. – Mark Porteous


Aloha, y’all. My name is Daniel Aaron coming to you from Maui, Hawaii. Spiritual entrepreneurs hire me to help them create six-figure businesses. I’m really happy to give a shout out to you for Rennie Gabriel. I met Rennie almost three years ago. I was at a low point in my life; I’d had a big financial setback at age of 50. I was really torn apart inside myself and working with Rennie helped me to shift my mindset and realize, “Hey, so I had a financial setback that doesn’t make me broke. That doesn’t make me broken.” With his guidance, I learned to really take control of my financial destiny and go from having a big debt to now having a significant net worth. I had that worth inside myself all the time, but now I’ve also got the money net worth. That feels good and feels really supportive. I’m super grateful to Rennie because he was instrumental in helping me get to that place.- Daniel Aaron


Hi, my name is Dan Cleary. And I’m excited to talk to you today about my friend Rennie. I’m in his online program Wealth On Any Income. And right now Rennie is working with me on how to better manage my finances so that I can build wealth, and one day have a portfolio of investment properties. Rennie is the real deal. He built his portfolio and his wealth from the ground up. Rennie has gone from collecting soda cans to recycle for money to buy groceries to being a multimillionaire. Rennie has the heart of a teacher and he is a patient coach. Rennie has made a big difference in my life. If you know that you could use some guidance with your finances and building wealth, I would encourage you to invest in Rennie’s program Wealth On Any Income. Thank you

Dan Cleary

As a Podcast Guest

Click here for Doug Sohn of Success After Sixty’s video testimonial.

Transcript: I just finished a great interview with Rennie Gabriel on my podcast, ‘Success After 60″, I really enjoyed it. We had a great conversation. Rennie’s a great guest, extremely informative, very generous with his time and sharing his principles and understanding with my audience. I know they’re going to really love the podcast, get a great deal of value out of it. And I would certainly recommend him to anybody who’s interested in interviewing someone who has his depth of knowledge in the realm of finance. And also his accessibility. His ability to tell people how they can do it themselves and to reassure them that you can start at any point in your life with the smallest start and become successful. I’m actually planning on taking his course because I was so convinced by what he said that, that I want to learn more. So if you have any questions, get a hold of me at successaftersixty.org. I’m Doug Sohn. I’m the founder.

What a pleasure, an amazing guest. Not just insightful. He had a lot of lessons and takeaways for the audience. But his story and his heart is just on point. I believe he resonated with everybody listening. I was brought to tears by his story and by how much he cares about the charity that he gives back to. So if you have a chance to have Rennie Gabriel on your show, don’t pass it up. He’s a phenomenal guest – phenomenal interview. You won’t be disappointed. (audio version)

– Matt Brauning, Driven Entrepreneur Podcast and Radio Show

I had Rennie on the Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast talking about Couples and Money and boy did he deliver. Rennie is truly a master of all things finance. On top of that, he was very personal, punctual, and a pleasure to have on my show. I highly recommend Rennie for your podcast!

– Jon Schumacher, www.billiondollarlegacy.com

Rennie is a great guest! I enjoyed having him on my podcast. He can speak about a number of topics, and he was really easy to schedule a time to record. I look forward to booking another interview with him.

– Dan Lane rentalincomepodcast.com

Rennie is a real pleasure to interview. He generously shared his best information about how to build wealth even if you’re on a low income. He is enthusiastic and professional and our time together flew by. I would highly recommend him as a podcast guest.

– Nina Cooke,

Rennie is very humble and transparent. I appreciate that he was willing to share his knowledge with my listeners. A multimillionaire with a humble spirit is a beautiful thing. Thank you Rennie!

– Shakira Browne, Love and Money Podcast

Rennie has a fascinating story to tell, and has a very original approach to managing finances, and helping people understand the root cause of their financial woes. He is very self-effacing, and lives his message that ‘being rich doesn’t mean you are the bad guy’. In fact Rennie is one of the most open and sincere people that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, and I would strongly recommend him as a guest who will deliver a powerful (and incredibly important) message.

– Richard Lomax, www.Slipstream-Marketing.com

Entertaining, inspiring, personal and full of golden nuggets of wisdom – a real treat. I loved speaking to Rennie for the Passion Business Podcast. He didn’t shy away from sharing his personal story to open people’s minds to the possibility that they too can build wealth on any income, at any age: a fascinating story driven by a powerful, heart-warming WHY (we just managed to talk about that without tearing up). The wealth of knowledge combined with story-telling skills make half an hour feel like seconds. This makes Rennie a wonderful podcast guest for any host, and a delight for any listener.

– Anke Hermann

Rennie, thank you for doing such a good job on my podcasts. Your information and delivery style are great. I appreciate you.

Pat Iyer, Legal Nurse Consultants and Book Publishing podcasts

Click here for Julian’s video testimonial.

I had the opportunity to interview Rennie on my podcast: Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs. Not only does Rennie possess a treasure-trove of knowledge, but he makes for an excellent guest because he seamlessly combines this knowledge with a great ability to teach. His passion for service and helping people is unparalleled. I’m glad to call him a friend and colleague now.

– Julian Hayes II , https://theartoffitnessandlife.com

Rennie Gabriel delivers powerful wisdom as a guest on my show: Your First Thousand Clients. He is articulate, intelligent and sensitive to my interview style, which resulted in a smooth and comfortable conversation, where Rennie brought a ton of value to my audience. I would gladly have him back anytime!

– Mitch Russo, mitchrusso.com

Click here for Joanne’s video testimonial (The Tax Lien Lady)

I just completed an amazing interview of the Sales Team Rescue podcast with Rennie Gabriel. He was an amazing guest; he showed up early to test the technology; he was prepared; and he has amazing content. We had a wonderful back and forth conversation; it was phenomenal. He gave value; he didn’t hold back; and I suggested he not give it all away, but he said he has to. (People need it.) You can reach out to me at www.SalesTeamRescue.com to confirm everything I said.

– Jeremy DeMerchant, CEO, Sales Team Rescue

Rennie Gabriel is an absolute delight to interview. He sets a high standard and is a consummate professional, but is also very flexible and forgiving of technical difficulties. Rennie brings a unique—and very approachable—perspective to wealth management. He does not lecture from on high but relates his very real struggles and how he overcame them. The attitudes and shifts about money and wealth that Rennie shared felt very actionable, even for a I’m-not-good-with-numbers person like myself. I am a parenting coach, and Rennie was fully able to relate his information to families and how parents might teach their kids concepts about money.

– Elizabeth Stitt,

I interviewed Rennie Gabriel for my show Heart Sells! Podcast. Rennie was a great guest. I loved the value he shared. His teachings were practical and actionable; he contributed to my listeners and was authentic and fun. In preparation for the interview, all requested material was delivered fast so that the set up was made easy for us. – Christine Schlonski, http://www.christineschlonski.com

– Christine Schlonski, http://www.christineschlonski.com

I just interviewed Rennie Gabriel. I’ve got to say he’s a great guest. I’m happy to recommend him to any podcast that wants an engaging, heart centered guest. He not only gave our listeners great information on how to build wealth, but he got me to set up auto-pay so that I pay myself automatically. At the age of 51, I’m finally doing this and it’s because of Rennie. But my favorite part of the interview was when we got to talk about his charity and how he’s donating 100% of his profits from his work and online business to charity. I found that very touching and heart-warming. I was like, “Oh, now I see why I’m interviewing this guy.” His financial information is great, but I’m more interested in who Rennie Gabriel is.

–  David Wood,

Rennie, I cannot thank you enough for our conversation and for all of your incredible insights. I can’t wait for our collective audiences to gain from the knowledge you shared.

Meny Hoffman, https://ptexgroup.com/

Rennie is a fabulous guest and I hope to have him on my show again. He is an amazing, fun, energetic and knowledgeable guest. I appreciated his time and his energy is contagious. I loved the interview.

Karen Stultz, The Awesome Life Podcast www.KarenStultz.com

Rennie, thank you for contributing your wisdom and authenticity to the Frickin Awesome Entrepreneur movement and podcast. I am thrilled with the final podcast session. Your book, concepts and approach are ideal for entrepreneurs.

– Alissa Daire Nelson,

Presentations to Corporations and Organizations

You were enthusiastic and could relate your information to the participant’s level…without your assistance, the successful outcome of this forum would not have been possible.

– Mark A. Henry, Warden, Terminal Island Prison

The information you presented was relevant, practical and you demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm for your topic. You have never failed to respond when called upon to provide financial “coaching,” and I want to convey my personal thanks to you for your service.

– Wylie B. Cox,  FBI, Special Agent in Charge Los Angeles

Words are inadequate to explain the impact you had on the Central Coast Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Your presentation was great.

– Frank Sheahan, CLU, President, FS Insurance

Congratulations! The student evaluations are in and I am delighted that the students…have rated your instructional abilities with a combined average score of 8.8 out of a possible 9. This makes you a part of a select group.

– Karim Cherif, Director, Department of Business and Management, UCLA Extension

We LOVED having you! You are definitely a favorite among the students! Your ability of making them laugh was amazing! Thank you so much for coming out and for the books. Your time is precious, your knowledge is invaluable, and your spirit was joyous! Hope to see you next year speaking to our new class 🙂

– Melanie Garrett, Business Teacher, Valor Academy

Your outstanding support…demonstrated your commitment to helping postal employees and their families enrich their lives. We received rave reviews from those that attended.

– Sylvia Woodside, Manager, Human Resources, United States Postal Service

It appears that the recommendation by our Police Captain that we have you speak to our city employees on money issues was indeed appropriate. Based on the evaluation forms completed…everyone said the information received was valuable…and effective.

– Robert F. Hyland, Director of Human Resources, City of El Segundo

We took a risk in planning two hours for you at the conference, even though we were limited to 90 minutes with the schedule. The point is, even that was more time than we would usually give to an outside speaker, but the level of interest by the field force suggests you were one of the best we have ad in six years. The books have been selling very well with agents purchasing from 25 to 200 copies each.

– Bob Price, CLU, ChFC, Vice President, American National Insurance

On behalf of the Staff & Faculty Consultation Center, I would like to extend our gratitude to you for speaking on the topic of “How to Create Wealth On Any Income.” Your presentation was lively as well as informative.

– Christine Solzberg, EAP California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)

Our usual attendance for these programs is 20-30 people, but as you are aware we had 160 RSVPs for the first presentation. I was pleased you were able to rework the session and come back from two more presentations. The written evaluations reflect the great job you did!

– Jerene Baglin, Personnel Administrator, Toyota Motors

Just had to take a few minutes to let you know how absolutely wonderful your financial planning presentation was. Informative, memorable, practical, useful are the words that come to mind…and more importantly a catalyst for getting us all in gear. What a dynamic, easy style of sharing you have. We could not have wished for anything better.

– Shirley Ewells, EAPA, City of Pasadena

Your presentation was both stimulating and informative. The employees found this to be a very important and useful topic, as I’m sure you could tell by the number of people who showed up.

– Chris Gomberg, Senior EAP Counselor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Rarely do I slow down long enough to write a letter after a seminar… I just had to write a few words of thanks. I have been present at seminars for the 18 years I have had a RE license. Your seminar was the most professionally organized. The presentation of goal setting and getting back to the basics of knowledge is power, and added a good feeling in my everyday life.

– Roseann Pollum, Sr. Loan Officer, Douglas Financial Group

“Wealth on Any Income” Book

I love Wealth On Any Income.  Everyone, and that includes you, can become wealthy.

– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, #1 New York Times Best-Selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ Series 

Your Wealth On Any Income is one of the best books. You are personable and humorous…with practical application.

– Tom Van Dyke,  President, Inner Bridges

Wealth On Any Income provides tremendous value to anyone who needs to learn the skills of handling money effectively on a daily basis. It also provides the tools to get out of debt and remain debt free.

– Katherine M. Rieder PhD

You presented concepts wonderfully. The information was very down to earth, very simple, and very easy to understand. I literally took in everything you said.

– Constance Kay Weatherman, Bodywork Practioner

Your style is easy and relaxed…Your teaching style is clear and inspires confidence.

– Susan O. Patton, President, Employee Assistance Program, Inc.

This is perhaps the most important subject you will ever deal with, and Wealth on Any Income gives you a step-by-step road map to follow.  You can achieve all of your dreams of financial freedom by putting these ideas to work.

– Brian Tracy, America’s #1 Training Authority

Your book inspired me to action & so do your life experiences! Many of the money management value tasks in your book are in perfect alignment with Building, Leading, Protecting Your Business + Building Your Wealth Cycles.

– Juliana Todorova, doTERRA distributor

I just read this book, and I must say even though it was written years ago, its wisdom is more current than ever. The author addresses the root causes that prevent people from achieving financial Freedom.  It all starts with those beliefs we have about money and wealth, and subconscious habits we have developed throughout our life. I also enjoyed the section about good debt and bad debt. I had read about this in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, but it was good to get a refresher and feel confident I’m taking care of my finances in the best possible way. I really enjoyed this book. 5 stars!

– Cloris Kylie, MBA

Coaching with Rennie

Since working with Rennie I have improved my financial health, seen my business grow, and earned more money than I did the previous year. Beyond the numbers, I have felt deeply inspired by Rennie and his commitment to causes like Shelter for Soldier. Rennie is a coach who genuinely has cared and continues to care about my success.

What excites me most about working with Rennie is my expanding vision for ways I can give back and causes I can support as I continue to grow my business.

If you are looking for a coach who cares deeply and knows how to help you make more money, look no further than Rennie Gabriel.

– Jesse Brisendine

I was experiencing a plateau in production and finding it difficult to move on to the next level. After five months it was my pleasure to pay you a bonus after surpassing a million dollars in gross production.

– David L. Young, Investment Representative with Edward Jones

My monthly production increased by 65% over six months. Your seminar closing techniques regarding my work with Oakland County employees brought more of them in, again, worth several thousand dollars.

– Mike B. Komara, Investment Advisory Associate, EQ Financial Consultants, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI

Out of working together I was better able to focus on my goals and keep focused. We created new marketing ideas, such as the focus on other Controllers in the area, and my average premium case has increased by over 300%. 

– William T. Heintzelman, The Financial Group, Greensboro, NC

…my worrying about my financial situation was affecting my marketing efforts on behalf of my business. Your ability to identify a simple and workable game plan really made a huge difference…and landed two significant contracts in the last week.  More importantly, my wife and I have committed to a modest, but effective savings program that has already generated more savings than the past three years combined. We have been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to save once you change your attitude about money and paying yourself first.

– Fidel A. Vargas, President, The Mountaintop Group, Baldwin Park, CA

Until I met with you I spent at least two nights a week staying up late trying to figure out the best way to pay off my debt faster. After our meeting I have been able to approach it from a completely new perspective. A goal that used to seem daunting is now possible and within sight. It is refreshing to feel such accomplishment on a financial and professional level.

– Rhonda Madden, International Creative Management, Inc

It’s unusual for me to take the time to acknowledge a business association, but I want to let you know the value I’ve received from our coaching relationship. You affirmed my conclusion that my efforts should be directed totally to increasing my business, rather than trying to cut my expenses. This saved me from wasting my time and energy on difficult decisions, and the process has become easier.

– Michael T. D. Moore, CPA, Pasadena, CA

It has been my great pleasure working with you over the past five months. My gross revenues expanded by more than 240%. The growth in commissions, projects and added services has obviously been phenomenal.

– Brian Harris, President, Owner, Paradigm Promotions, San Francisco, CA

Knowledge is useless without the tools and the plan to implement it. Thanks for the tools, the plan and the motivation. We are on our way and in the much less time that I thought it would take.

– Darryl Regan, Mark Goodson Productions, Los Angeles, CA

My production hit a plateau at $600,000. Now thanks to you, I am in the middle of a quantum jump toward the $1,000,000 mark…it seems miraculous how easy you made it.

– Neal W. Kaye, Jr. VP, Sr. Financial Consultant, Merrill Lynch

At first, I thought what I was doing was crazy and I never thought that tracking what I spend and creating a “spending plan” would be a vehicle to where I am today. (I was $15,000 in debt and twelve months later I have $62,000 invested.)…I have taken 4 trips and I am driving a new Nissan Maxima SE. My quality of live is better than it has ever been.

– Larry Salk, President, Ventana Systems, Santa Monica, CA

I have led my agency the last 5 years and have enjoyed your help in keeping on target there. You helped me to become absolutely crystallized in my thinking.

– Larry Bagby, CLU, ChFC, The New England, Sherman Oaks, CA

With your help, within two years our credit card debt had been completely eliminated. We established a pension plan for our professional corporation and this year we are finally able to fund that plan.

– David R. Bilford, Esq., Van Nuys, CA

I am moved to express my appreciation for you which I have received during the few months since our coaching relationship started, it has exceeded my expectations beyond my comprehension. I have instigated a savings plan putting away a minimum of 15% of my personal take home salary and 2% of our company’s monthly gross receipts. I am actually considering raising these as this has become effortless. The value…is one of the greatest returns on investment I have ever known.

– Bruce C. Turner Esq., President, Turner Construction, Half Moon Bay, CA

Rennie’s full day VIP day was extremely informative.  We were able to see and experience the whole picture of how to be a multifamily owner and investor.  From beginning to end Rennie was able to show us his operation.  We got to see how he finds properties, how he analyzes a deal, when and why he sold properties, how he was able to trade up to larger properties, what kinds of remodeling he does and why, how his management team operates, where to find the people needed to manage the properties, what documents and forms he uses for screening his tenants, how he has evicted tenants, and what relationships he keeps with his tenants.  We even got to meet one of his tenants and get his personal opinion of what its like to live in a property that Rennie owns.

If you are looking to get fully immersed in understanding multifamily real estate and how to accumulate wealth Rennie provides an extraordinary experience better than any classroom or workshop could provide.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience and immense knowledge with us.  And your book is outstanding!

– Rebecca Slivka, Pillow and Coffee

Rennie is one of the most sincere and giving people I’ve had the good fortune to get to know. And when you add in his rich business experience, and personal journey, you have someone with a great deal to give, indeed. Rennie saw an opportunity for me and he patiently coached me over several months until I came to see it, too. His persistence and caring led to what ultimately became a new and significant source of revenue for me, and I’m deeply grateful. If you have the chance to coach with Rennie, take it.

– Dov Gordon, ProfitableRelationships.com

The “Wealth on Any Income” Program

The Wealth On Any Income course provided clarity, confidence, support and accountability for my business and my money. I was able to identify my ideal client and found the way the course was structured to be very beneficial.

– Nasreen Essack, Mental Clearing Specialist, Botswana  

The Wealth On Any Income course helped increase my confidence when talking to others about my work. I was able to enroll more clients during the 8 weeks of the course than in the 6 months prior to the course.  I am now able to live the lifestyle that I want to live, and I make better decisions about where I spend my money.

– Jannette La Sota, www.thefitness-detective.com, NY

The Wealth On Any Income course pointed out the money blocks that has been affecting me, such as trouble receiving money for my services. I am now aware of where I am using my money and can measure the level of pleasure it provides.

– Anne Tremblay

If you are considering a financial coach I would recommend Rennie Gabriel. You would appreciate his warmth, simplicity, support and consistency. He walks his talk and accepts you for who you are, where you are, and who you are being. You will be recognized, heard and guided to a prosperous financial future.

– Ildiko Haag