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Kevin Harrington, the first Shark on Shark tank, interviews Rennie Gabriel.
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Rennie’s June 2019 Interview with NBC News on Rising Rents.
Check out what the “NICE” Landlord has to share in this clip.

Marketing the Invisible Podcast

How to Create So Much Personal Wealth You Have Enough For Philanthropy, Too – In Just 7 Minutes with Rennie Gabriel

Click here for Doug Sohn of Success After Sixty’s video testimonial.

I had Rennie on the Billion Dollar Legacy Podcast talking about Couples and Money and boy did he deliver. Rennie is truly a master of all things finance. On top of that, he was very personal, punctual, and a pleasure to have on my show. I highly recommend Rennie for your podcast! – Jon Schumacher,

Rennie Gabriel delivers powerful wisdom as a guest on my show: Your First Thousand Clients. He is articulate, intelligent and sensitive to my interview style, which resulted in a smooth and comfortable conversation, where Rennie brought a ton of value to my audience. I would gladly have him back anytime! – Mitch Russo,

Click here for a video testimonial from Jeremy DeMerchant.

I just completed an amazing interview of the Sales Team Rescue podcast with Rennie Gabriel. He was an amazing guest; he showed up early to test the technology; he was prepared; and he has amazing content. We had a wonderful back and forth conversation; it was phenomenal. He gave value; he didn’t hold back; and I suggested he not give it all away, but he said he has to. (People need it.) You can reach out to me at to confirm everything I said.– Jeremy DeMerchant, CEO, Sales Team Rescue

Rennie has a fascinating story to tell, and has a very original approach to managing finances, and helping people understand the root cause of their financial woes. He is very self-effacing, and lives his message that ‘being rich doesn’t mean you are the bad guy’. In fact Rennie is one of the most open and sincere people that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing, and I would strongly recommend him as a guest who will deliver a powerful (and incredibly important) message. – Richard Lomax,

Click here for Joanne’s video testimonial (The Tax Lien Lady)

Watch below for a snippet from Rennie’s interview with Wade Galt on the The 3-Day Weekend Entrepreneur Podcast

Rennie is a fabulous guest and I hope to have him on my show again. He is an amazing, fun, energetic and knowledgeable guest. I appreciated his time and his energy is contagious. I loved the interview. – Karen Stultz, The Awesome Life Podcast

Click here for Julian’s Video Testimonial
I had the opportunity to interview Rennie on my podcast: Optimal Health for Busy Entrepreneurs. Not only does Rennie possess a treasure-trove of knowledge, but he makes for an excellent guest because he seamlessly combines this knowledge with a great ability to teach. His passion for service and helping people is unparalleled. I’m glad to call him a friend and colleague now. –  Julian Hayes II ,

Rennie, thank you for contributing your wisdom and authenticity to the Frickin Awesome Entrepreneur movement and podcast. I am thrilled with the final podcast session. Your book, concepts and approach are ideal for entrepreneurs. – Alissa Daire Nelson,

Rennie is a real pleasure to interview. He generously shared his best information about how to build wealth even if you’re on a low income. He is enthusiastic and professional and our time together flew by. I would highly recommend him as a podcast guest. – Nina Cooke,

Rennie Gabriel is an absolute delight to interview. He sets a high standard and is a consummate professional, but is also very flexible and forgiving of technical difficulties. Rennie brings a unique—and very approachable—perspective to wealth management. He does not lecture from on high but relates his very real struggles and how he overcame them. The attitudes and shifts about money and wealth that Rennie shared felt very actionable, even for a I’m-not-good-with-numbers person like myself. I am a parenting coach, and Rennie was fully able to relate his information to families and how parents might teach their kids concepts about money. – Elizabeth Stitt,

Rennie is a great guest! I enjoyed having him on my podcast. He can speak about a number of topics, and he was really easy to schedule a time to record. I look forward to booking another interview with him. – Dan Lane