Rennie Gabriel, CLU, CFP®, TEDx Speaker, Award winning, Best-selling Author, Master Wealth Coach, and UCLA Instructor provides the road map leading from a place of debt to a world of Complete Financial Choice®. Building Wealth with Purpose.

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Do you wonder why 90% of the population struggles over money or financial decisions?

Are you, or your audience, struggling to pay your bills,
regardless of earnings?

Is saving for a rainy day just a pipe dream?

Don’t let consumer debt destroy your dreams of financial independence.

In his lively, interactive presentation, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and master wealth coach, Rennie Gabriel entertains and engages you as he guides you off your current path of debt into a new mindset of prosperity and abundance. He’ll show you how transform from debtor to millionaire in less than ten years by discovering the attitudes blocking you from creating wealth and the strategies for eliminating them.

Neither school nor parents have provided the education to handle money effectively. Parents can’t teach what they have not learned. Not even a CPA or CFP® is taught how to do a personal budget in their course work.

Rennie was once so broke he had to redeem soda pop bottles to buy groceries for his family. As a multi-millionaire he now enjoys a monthly passive income greater than his annual earnings of the past. He’s been ranked among the top 5% of financial planners across the globe, with clients ranging from executives and small entrepreneurs to the FBI and Toyota Motors.

As a former teacher, he’s passionate about sharing the Three Secrets of the Wealthy and his Wealth On Any Income System for creating complete financial choice® and eliminating debt. What sets him apart from other speakers is that instead of theory, Rennie gives his audience concrete, actionable steps to help them move away from debt and into millionaire status. The proof? Officially retired, he now works out of choice to donate his profits to charity.

Rennie donates 100% of the profits from his speaking, online programs and group coaching to charities, primarily , where rescue dogs are trained to be service animals for soldiers who have returned with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries). While the current suicide rate for soldiers is almost one per hour, not one soldier who has received his service dog has committed suicide. This charity saves two lives at a time.

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Your audience will learn how to…

>> Step into the mindset that attracts financial independence

>> Free yourself from debt forever

>> Use the same tools as the world’s richest people to generate wealth

>> Create returns of 8-14% or more, with little risk

Praise from Corporations and Organizations

The information you presented was relevant, practical and you demonstrated a great deal of enthusiasm for your topic. You have never failed to respond when called upon to provide financial “coaching,” and I want to convey my personal thanks to you for your service.

Wylie B. Cox
FBI, Special Agent in Charge Los Angeles

Words are inadequate to explain the impact you had on the Central Coast Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Your presentation was great.

Frank Sheahan, CLU
President, FS Insurance

Our usual attendance for these programs is 20-30 people, but as you are aware we had 160 RSVPs for the first presentation. I was pleased you were able to rework the session and come back from two more presentations. The written evaluations reflect the great job you did!

Jerene Baglin
Personnel Administrator, Toyota Motors

Just had to take a few minutes to let you know how absolutely wonderful your financial planning presentation was. Informative, memorable, practical, useful are the words that come to mind…and more importantly a catalyst for getting us all in gear. What a dynamic, easy style of sharing you have. We could not have wished for anything better.

Shirley Ewells
EAPA, City of Pasadena

You were enthusiastic and could relate your information to the participant’s level…without your assistance, the successful outcome of this forum would not have been possible.

Mark A. Henry
Warden, Terminal Island Prison

We took a risk in planning two hours for you at the conference, even though we were limited to 90 minutes with the schedule. The point is, even that was more time than we would usually give to an outside speaker, but the level of interest by the field force suggests you were one of the best we have ad in six years. The books have been selling very well with agents purchasing from 25 to 200 copies each.

Bob Price, CLU, ChFC
Vice President, American National Insurance

On behalf of the Staff & Faculty Consultation Center, I would like to extend our gratitude to you for speaking on the topic of “How to Create Wealth On Any Income.” Your presentation was lively as well as informative.

Christine Solzberg
EAP California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech

Congratulations! The student evaluations are in and I am delighted that the students…have rated your instructional abilities with a combined average score of 8.8 out of a possible 9. This makes you a part of a select group.

Karim Cherif
Director, Department of Business and Management, UCLA Extension

We LOVED having you! You are definitely a favorite among the students! Your ability of making them laugh was amazing! Thank you so much for coming out and for the books. Your time is precious, your knowledge is invaluable, and your spirit was joyous! Hope to see you next year speaking to our new class 🙂

Melanie Garrett
Business Teacher, Valor Academy

Rarely do I slow down long enough to write a letter after a seminar… I just had to write a few words of thanks. I have been present at seminars for the 18 years I have had a RE license. Your seminar was the most professionally organized. The presentation of goal setting and getting back to the basics of knowledge is power, and added a good feeling in my everyday life.

Roseann Pollum
Sr. Loan Officer, Douglas Financial Group

Your presentation was both stimulating and informative. The employees found this to be a very important and useful topic, as I’m sure you could tell by the number of people who showed up.

Chris Gomberg
Senior EAP Counselor, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Your outstanding support…demonstrated your commitment to helping postal employees and their families enrich their lives. We received rave reviews from those that attended.

Sylvia Woodside
Manager, Human Resources, United States Postal Service


The 3 Secrets of the Wealthy: Create Wealth on Any Income

Are you struggling to pay your bills, no matter how much you try to save?

Are your dreams of an affluent future slipping away

It’s time to elevate yourself from consumer debtor to multi-millionaire,
just like Rennie Gabriel did.

You’ll learn his proven strategies for creating a new money mindset, generating wealth, eliminating debt, and ultimately achieving financial freedom.

Rennie’s energetic presentation reveals the secrets the world’s wealthiest people use to create wealth and shows how you can let go of the limiting attitudes that block you from Complete Financial Choice®.

You’ll learn how to eliminate debt with integrity and find the safest places to invest your money for a low-risk 8-14% return.

And finally, you’ll learn how to set up an effective “Spending Plan” (budget) that allows you to save, invest, and ultimately choose to work, as Rennie does, rather than do so out of necessity.

If you like your career but have other avenues you want to pursue, these strategies will make those dreams possible, and you can finally relax, knowing you’ve got emergency cash on hand. Your audience leaves Rennie’s life-changing talk knowing that debt elimination, wealth creation, and freedom from financial stress are theirs to enjoy.

Most people operate under the misconception that earning more money will solve their problem of financial mismanagement, or that becoming debt-free will guarantee their financial freedom.

Rennie says, “They’re wrong!

Regardless of how much you earn, you can’t create wealth until you understand how the wealthy think and use the same tools they do.”

Your group will leave Rennie Gabriel’s eye-opening presentation knowing how to use the secrets of the super-rich to create lifelong financial ease and independence.

Best fit audiences:

  • Corporations, Business Groups, Nonprofits
  • Community Organizations, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Youth Groups
  • Authors, Speakers and Trainers
  • Parents, Educators
  • Professional, Business and Civic Groups
  • Entrepreneurs, Small Offices
  • Healthcare Groups, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Healers
  • Health Spas, Nursing Programs, Medical Centers
  • Realtors, Real Estate Associations, Property Owners
  • Therapists, Psychologists, Healers, Counselors and Coaches
  • Women’s Groups, Career Women
  • City, State, Federal Employees

Here is Rennie speaking to Kevin Harrington about his best-selling book, Wealth on Any Income.
Kevin Harrington is the original shark on Shark Tank, the inventor of the Infomercial and
As Seen on TV, and he is responsible for more than $5 Billion in product sales.

Here is Rennie speaking to Kevin Harrington about his best-selling book, Wealth on Any Income.

Kevin Harrington is the original shark on Shark Tank, the inventor of the Infomercial and

As Seen on TV, and he is responsible for more than $5 Billion in product sales.