Question: Did you get my thanks?

Answer: Of course not…yet.

Most of the people on my email list are in America and Thanksgiving is a big national holiday. It’s the time when we can give thanks for our blessings, our health, our prosperity, and our relationships with friends and family.

I’m on the list of dozens of marketers from Frank Kern to Jeff Walker, and during that holiday I received hundreds of Thanksgiving greetings online from everyone, and physical cards from some others, and therefore no one stood out.

Marketing Tip: If you want to stand out, then do NOT join the crowd.

Examples: If you want to send appreciation or acknowledgement to your clients or customers, then do it:

  • Before a holiday
  • After a holiday
  • Pick a different holiday like Valentine’s Day or the first day of spring
  • Get birthdays and send out greetings on that day

Also, create a subject line in your email that will grab attention. It could be a question, or something as simple as not starting a sentence properly with a capital letter. Or have a typo in your subject line on purpose like did you get mi thanks?

AND, I am thankful that you are on my list and I wish you a wonderful holiday season for whatever you celebrate from Christmas or Hanukah to Kwanzaa.

To your prosperity,