Recently I was having a conversation with someone I met in a financial workshop six years ago.

She was talking about how she was improving her financial skills since we met at the same workshop back then, but she was still turned off when working on her budget.

Her budget made her feel restricted. She focused on the lack, the sacrifice, and the deprivation.

This all made sense because the words we use are powerful.

Many people feel budgets are like diets, it is about what you have to give up, not what you get.

And when you look at the first three letters of the word DIET, what do you get? That is not very enrolling or exciting, is it?

I suggested she use the word Spending Plan instead of Budget.

With a Spending Plan, you choose where you want to spend your money. You align your spending with your goals. You align your spending with the areas that give you more pleasure.

With a Spending Plan, you get to measure the level of pleasure you get based on where you’re spending your money.

Remember, words have power. When we use empowering words we feel empowered.

What words do you need to substitute when you speak to others?

And what words do you need to substitute in your self-talk?

To Your Prosperity,