What would you rather have, information or results?

To build my email list years ago I gave away copies of my award-winning, best-selling book, Wealth On Any Income. It had already been translated into eight languages.

I gave away 300 copies and what I later discovered is that only one person read the book.

What that means is one person got the information and 299 people didn’t even get that.

What does it take to get results? That requires action.

Now, I will have to say my book is great. However, there is no book that can provide two very crucial items to produce results.

The first item is no book can interrupt your faulty thinking. It takes a human being who listens to you and can recognize where your thinking is off track.

The second thing a book cannot do is hold you accountable for what results you said you wanted to accomplish.

It’s your actions that produce the results, and the book cannot hold you accountable.

If you want information, you can either buy my book here or make a $25 donation here and get it for free.

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For $25 we can have a conversation where I will support you to produce the result you want in your life, in your business, or with your money, and 100% is donated to charity.

Do you want information or results?

If you want results, you can book a 15-minute call here: https://meetme.so/RennieGabriel

To Your Prosperity,