Who would you choose to listen to for financial advice?

#1 – A nice person who works for a living and covers their bills, struggles sometimes like you, and will always be able to cover their bills as long as they are able to continue to work.

#2 – A nice person who struggled with money like you, but discovered what works for the wealthy, put that into practice, and has a passive income so they can now choose to work instead of having to work and donates significant amounts to charity.

#3 – An arrogant person who never had any struggles, makes lots of money, is very, very wealthy, and will show you how to buy expensive cars and jewelry.

If you choose number 1 it is likely you will only get as far as they did.

If you choose number 2 it is likely you can also become wealthy, donate to causes that touch your heart, and could even do better than the person you taught you.

If you choose number 3 you may not relate to that person, or if you want the toys to show off how rich you are, you are probably not a fit for person number 2.


There are plenty of people who want to teach you about money that fit description number 1. I know them personally; they talk about creating wealth – but are not wealthy.

There are fewer people like number 2. And I know them as well.

There are plenty of people who look like number 3 but might not have the money to back it up. It could be what as kids we called people with fancy cars, “All show and no go” or in Texas, “A big hat, but no cattle.”

These are the kinds of people that take photos standing in front of a private jet or expensive cars like a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and a Ferrari. And I know some of these people personally. They may be wealthy and care more about themselves than you.

You probably guessed as a teacher/leader/speaker I fit the description in number 2.

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