You might think you have financial security with your job, your assets, government checks, or whatever.

Recently I was thinking how security is a state of mind, and nothing else.

If you have a job that provides your financial security, you could get fired, laid off, or the company could go out of business. You might feel a sense of security until one of those things happens.

If you have your own business, the environment might change, and revenue stops coming in. For example, if you had a successful restaurant and a pandemic occurs you might not be able to serve food and have to close your doors for a month, several months, a year, or for good.

If you have investments in other companies because you own stock in public companies, it could be a company that goes out of business because of changes in the marketplace. If you had stock in Borders or Barnes and Noble, those got displaced by Amazon.

You might see where I am going here — you could be in any field of work or investments, and it could change and put you into a place of financial insecurity.

I am not saying I have the cure. When the pandemic started and I reviewed our finances, even if no tenants paid rent and no investments paid an income, we could still pay all of our bills for the next two years from the funds in our bank account.

But what if our currency was devalued, or inflation skyrocketed, or the bank went out of business? Then we would also be financially insecure.

The point is, financial security is a state of mind and you and I have to be awake to that reality. We also have to be awake to the possibility of it changing and be ready and willing to change with those conditions.

To Your Prosperity,