Chellie Campbell has a newsletter she sends out and has a program that I also respect.

In a recent email she spoke about asking for too much:

“Why don’t we ask for too much? Too much love, too much money, too much happiness, too much fun? How often do we restrict our reality to lower levels of possibility by not asking for enough?”

She went on to talk about Alan Cohen in his book, A Deep Breath of Life. It tells the story of a man who died and went to Heaven. God was showing him around but one door he passed by saying, “You don’t want to go in there.”

Of course, the man is curious, and begs God to let him in. God agrees but tells him he’ll be sorry.

The man gapes at the room filled with amazing treasures and wanders among them until he spies a Rolls Royce.

He runs over to it saying, “This is the car I always wanted!”

Then he sees his own name engraved on the dashboard and cries out, “Why didn’t you give me this car?”

“Because you asked for an Oldsmobile,” God replies.

So, are you asking for what you think you can get instead of what is possible? What is it you really want?

To Your Prosperity,