Wealthy Attitude List

As you know, one of the most important keys to creating wealth is the right attitude. And to that end I created a series of articles listing the attitudes that wealthy people operate by that the bulk of the population does not.

These attitudes are the difference between you leading a life of poverty, struggle or mediocrity versus leading a life of financial and emotional prosperity and your ability to donate to charity in significant ways.

In this article you will see all the attitudes that I wrote about; most of which I operate by. I guess if I were able to operate by all of them, I would be a billionaire instead of a millionaire. You get to choose.

And while all of them can be accessed here on my blog you will find this list to be helpful in finding an attitude that you might want to refer back to. The first two articles each had two attitudes. Then I realized that I should just do one attitude per article. So you will see there are more than 30 attitudes, but only 30 articles.

Here goes:

Article #1:

  1. The wealthy are willing to ask for help and/or hire help.
  2. The wealthy put a value on their time and know they cannot buy more of that.

Article #2:

  1. The importance of who you hang around with.
  2. Money terms like interest versus earnings and the cost of money.

The remaining articles only have one attitude each:

  1. Ask questions instead of making statements when they hear familiar information.
  2. Big Picture versus details
  3. Use a team
  4. Operate based on your values
  5. Net worth versus Pay Check
  6. Voracious readers
  7. Penny wise versus Dollar Foolish
  8. It’s okay to talk about money
  9. Treat yourself like you matter
  10. Net Worth versus Pay Down Debt
  11. Good Debt versus Bad Debt
  12. Share your knowledge
  13. Investable Assets versus Personal Use Assets
  14. The importance of language
  15. Avoid either/or thinking
  16. Planning for generations
  17. Giving back to the community
  18. Philanthropy and networking
  19. Zero-sum game
  20. Focus on value, not effort
  21. Have money work, not you work
  22. Time versus Priorities
  23. Control versus Hope
  24. Opportunities versus Obstacles
  25. Delegate or outsource
  26. The power of a decision
  27. How the wealthy recharge
  28. It’s never too late

And while all of these attitudes are important, here are the top attitudes you can focus on that that can create your wealth (in no particular priority order):

  1. Operate by your values and treating yourself like you matter
  2. Look at the big picture first and the details second
  3. Ask yourself questions instead of making statements when you hear familiar information
  4. Build your net worth versus paying down consumer debt
  5. Use a team; delegate and get expert input

To Your Prosperity,