Sometimes people react oddly when I tell them I am too insecure to have a job. They think having a job creates security.

The idea of being dependent on 100% of my income coming from one source, like a job, scares me. If I get laid off, fired, or the business fails, or merges with another company, and I lose that job, I lose 100% of my income.

However, I still have 100% of my bills; mortgage or rent, auto expenses. Plus I have this desire to eat, which requires me to buy food.

One of my tenants recently lost her job and was stressing about how she was going to pay the next month’s rent. You could see the stress in her face and hear it in her voice.

I recommended to her a book I found valuable in situations like this. The author is Loral Langemeier and the book is Put More Cash in Your Pocket.

Recognize you have talents, skills, likes, and passions that are different than other people.

I hate sitting at a computer and trading stocks or selling options. Our portfolio manager loves it. For him, it’s like watching a baseball game and writing down all the hits, errors, and pitches. We pay him a small fortune based on all the money he makes for us.

Some examples of what you can do to earn money fast:

  • Tutor students in English, math, a language, or history. A reasonable rate is $100/hr.
  • Buy items at a thrift shop and resell on Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace. I purchased a piece of furniture for $85 and sold it for $225.
  • Get paid to help someone fix their computer or clean their hard drive. I pay $85/hour for that work.
  • Drive for DoorDash, Ubereats, Grubhub, or Lyft.
  • Wash the windows of your neighbors. We pay $200 for that.
  • Walk dogs or pet sit. We pay $50/day just to have someone feed our dogs when we travel. They can do that for 5 families per day. That’s $250 per day.
  • Act as someone’s virtual assistant or bookkeeper.
  • Most people need support to accomplish their goals; become a fitness or life coach
  • Cook meals for a family that can’t, won’t, or hates to do that.
  • Sew or tailor clothing.
  • Do auto detailing. We pay $50 for someone to come to our house just to wash our cars.
  • Help someone plan a party and buy the supplies.

And here is a bonus link: In Los Angeles, and 40 other locations, there is an app for instant day work that pays daily; Instawork.

There are about 120 ideas in the book I suggested above. Use it to spark your imagination on how you can use your skills to put cash in your pocket right away.

And if you don’t know what your skills are, ask someone who knows you well. And just because you think anyone can do it, you are wrong. I was a Certified Financial Planner but couldn’t create a personal budget.

What skills do you have to make money quickly?

To Your Prosperity,