You may find some of this article to be similar to things I have written about in the past. Even as recently as last week!

However, the more I talk about it with podcasters, corporate trainers, and other coaches, I find too few people either understand the concept or are not putting it into practice. If you read the article from last week you can answer the following questions.

What do I mean by “treat yourself like you matter?

It means to pay yourself first. Before you pay the rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, or anything else, you take a portion of the income you received and set it aside to keep for the rest of your life and invest.

You may find my experience educational.

When I speak to sophisticated and well-educated people, about half of them can explain what pay yourself first means. BUT, that does NOT mean they are doing it. Maybe half of the half are actually doing it!

When I speak to folks who work on an hourly basis, only one out of ten can define it or explain what pay yourself first means – and in that group hardly anyone is doing it!

Are you treating yourself like you matter?

Are you paying yourself first?

If not, you can start today or tomorrow. If you cannot take 10% of what you earn and set aside to invest later, start with 5% or even 1%. Start to build the muscle now of creating Complete Financial Choice® for yourself.

I tried and failed at this twice before it stuck on my third attempt. By then I was 50 years old and looking at the prospect of either eating tuna or cat food when I was 65.

That fear had me stick to it. After three years I had saved $18,000.

I invested that $18,000 with my wife and a Realtor, and five years later I was a multi-millionaire.

I no longer worry about eating cat food. And I was recently able to gift my daughter $100,000 so she could buy her first house.

This can be your life if you take the right actions. And it only works if you work it.

To your Prosperity,


P.S. If you have a question on how to get started, please reach out to me. It’s free.