Last week I wrote about three differences in the attitudes of ordinary people compared to the attitudes of the wealthy. T. Harv Eker talks about the poor versus the rich.

Rich versus poor is too black-and-white and demeaning. And just because someone appears rich does not mean they are wealthy. You can see rich – based on fancy cars, fancy clothes, and fancy houses. You can’t see wealth – you don’t know if they have reserves, investment real estate, a large stock portfolio, or significant passive income.

A change in mindset can shift you from ordinary to wealthy when you take action on a new mindset.

Here are three more examples that I edited from T. Harv Eker:

4. The wealthy sell themselves and what they do in their businesses. Ordinary people think selling and promotion are bad.

5. The wealthy are paid based on results. Ordinary people sell their time for money.

6. The wealthy continue to grow by learning. Ordinary people think they already know it all.

Are you continuing to learn and grow?

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