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You might be wondering what the subject line of this article has to do with finances or the continuing news about the Coronavirus pandemic.

I was thinking of the expression for someone with experience: “This isn’t his (or her) first rodeo.”

While businesses are suffering, employees are concerned about their finances, and many people are sheltered at home and afraid to touch anything, I thought some reflection might be in order.

I live in Los Angeles and consider this:

  • Just a few weeks after a new deadly virus is sweeping the world the mayor of Los Angeles declared a state of emergency.
  • Even though only a few cases had been identified in Southern California, health officials and the city moved quickly to do what it could to prevent this virus from getting serious here.
  • City officials banned public gatherings, closed entertainment venues and closed schools. Even with these actions the infection spread.
  • Citizens of Los Angeles were asked to shelter-in-place, stay at home, and use their phone to order groceries. Some people ignored this advice, and sadly died.
  • With no vaccine for this new virus, it seemed like the only thing that helped reduce the spread was social distancing. People were asked to wear face masks when in public.

While all of the above sounds just like what happened in Los Angeles with the Coronavirus, it is actually based on the historical records from the 1918 influenza pandemic that killed 675,000 Americans and some 50-100 million worldwide.

The point is, this “Ain’t our first rodeo”. And what worked over 100 years ago will be working again. Businesses will return and flourish. Jobs will return and people will again become social.

And while many people suffer, others will pivot and seize opportunities and grow their brand, their business, their profits and their future.

Will you be one of them? It’s all about mindset.

To Your Prosperity,