When it comes to handling money powerfully one of the attitudes of the wealthy is that they look at the big picture first, and the details second.

If you heard the expression, can’t see the forest for the trees you heard an illustration of that concept above. However, for years that expression never made sense to me.

Once I understood what the expression meant I created my own that made sense to me, and it may make more sense to you as well.

Let’s say you were about to cross a busy street; there are the details and the big picture.

If you focused on the details first as you crossed the street; like the height of the curb, any open sewer covers, uneven pavement, dog mess, whatever – and focused on those details as you crossed the street. Would that be a safe way to cross the street?

If instead, you looked both ways before you crossed the street – Then that’s looking at the big picture!

The details don’t matter if you didn’t look both ways first and a bus, truck, car, or motorcycle was coming down the street.

Wealthy people look at the big picture first and the details second when it comes to investing.

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