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This is the last article in a series created from the answers to the nine questions I recently asked while trying to develop a new financial program based on our roadmap to Complete Financial Choice®.

Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of the people who are on our email list or those who are connected to me in some other way. You can read the first ones here.

You might find some of the questions from my earlier posts, to be valuable in helping you to identify your ideal clients. With these questions you can discover what their concerns are. This supports you in designing a program (or programs) that your prospective clients say they want from you.

To make these questions yours, all you need to do is edit them to fit what you have to offer, the gift you want to deliver, or how you want to support and make an impact in the lives of your tribe/audience.

If you are a coach in health, relationships, mindset, children, or any area other than finance, you can edit the questions. Even if you’re in manufacturing, you can also ask questions like these:

How much would you be willing to invest to have a loving relationship with your mate? Or, how much would you be willing to invest so you could easily and effortless avoid sugar in your diet? Or, how much would you be willing to invest to achieve the goal weight that has eluded you for years?

In the 8th question I asked the following:

How much would you be willing to invest for a program that provided what you just described you would want from a financial training course?

Here are the answers I received:

  • $900
  • Maximum would be $500.
  • Depends on level of involvement: Working with a coach $2,000 to $5,000. With one call per month I would be willing to invest $1000 per month. It all depends on the level of support and touch.
  • $2000
  • $997
  • For a six to eight week program; $497 to $997. If it produced money; $2000
  • I spent $9,000 on another program and took the steps. It was worth it.
  • $497- $997
  • $2000 if it had both group support and one-on-one coaching. Under some situations could be more if wanted to invest in properties. Every situation is different.
  • $997
  • $5,000 to $10,000
  • If it was a do-it-yourself program $2000 would be too much. If it was DYI as part of a signature program then $997 with a payment plan would feel right.
  • If results were guaranteed I would be willing to invest $3,000 to $5000 for such a program.
  • I could spending nothing at this time because of my commitments to other program.
  • I could/would invest $300 monthly for a program like that.
  • I would be willing to invest $1000 per month.

Question 9, was a pretty simple:

Would you be interested to know about the launch of a program, and participate in it, if you felt that it was a good match for your needs?

Everyone said either yes, sure or definitely.

As you can see, the amount people are willing to invest in a program that meets their goals and intentions varies widely. You will be pleased to learn what our pricing will be for the new program that we are completing based on the suggestions from our survey results. If you have an interest to know more, please reach out to us.

And question nine tells you the willingness of people to enroll in a program if you design it based on what they request.

Hopefully this series of articles on doing a survey before you create your next program was valuable to you.

Here is your “opportunity to grow” question: When will you create a survey and reach out to your prospects or clients?

To Your Prosperity,