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This is the sixth article in a series of nine created from the answers to questions I recently asked while trying to develop a new financial program based on our roadmap to Complete Financial Choice®.

Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of the people who are on our email list or those who are connected to me in some other way. You can read the first five here.

You might find some of the questions from my earlier posts, or the future posts, to be valuable in helping you to identify your ideal clients. With these questions you can discover what their concerns are. This supports you in designing a program (or programs) that your prospective clients say they want from you.

To make these questions yours, all you need to do is edit them to fit what you have to offer, the gift you want to deliver, or how you want to support and make an impact in the lives of your tribe/audience.

When it comes to (food choices, diet, relationships, exercise, sewing, grooming horses, building houses, whatever…) what would your dream day, or dream result look like?

With the 6th question I asked the following:

Regarding your money, or finances, what would your dream day, or dream result feel like?

The first four people I spoke to, I failed to ask this important question. This is where your prospective client begins to tell you what they want.

Here are the answers to the question above that was asked of 11 people. See if you recognize yourself in any of these answers.

  • I’m already feeling successful. More and more of my day is showing up and sharing with others. And I’m doing it at a time of day that’s good for me.
  • I would have a good team and be a money magnet. I would have the energy to focus on other areas of my life and feel safe.
  • I would have a feeling of freedom, euphoria and travel without worry over the money.
  • I would feel free.
  • I would know I have many years worth of money set aside. I would not worry about paying for weddings and my retirement. That would be relief in a sense and I would be free to focus on other things- help my kids in other ways. I would have solid financial independence.
  • This person was rather long winded, and I did not ask this question.
  • I would have ease and peace in my life.
  • I could be creative and experience other parts of life.
  • I would feel wonderful, peaceful. I would have calmness and no more stress.
  • I would feel a sense of freedom.
  • It feels peaceful, powerful. I can lie down and sleep so sweetly.

If you recognize yourself in any of these answers, just know you are not alone. We are nearly complete with a program that will allow you to have the dream results like those listed above.

Which one do you most identify with?

To Your Prosperity,