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This is the fifth article in a series of nine created from the answers to questions I recently asked while trying to develop a new financial program based on our roadmap to Complete Financial Choice®.

Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of the people who are on our email list or those who are connected to me in some other way. You can read the first four here.

You might find some of the questions from my earlier posts, or the future emails, to be valuable in helping you to identify your ideal clients. With these questions you can discover what their concerns are. This supports you in designing a program (or programs) that your prospective clients say they want from you.

To make these questions yours, all you need to do is edit them to fit what you have to offer, the gift you want to deliver, or how you want to support and make an impact in the lives of your tribe/audience.

When it comes to (food choices, diet, relationships, exercise, sewing, grooming horses, building houses, whatever…) what would your dream day, or dream result look like?

With the 5th question I asked the following:

Regarding your money, or finances, what would your dream day, or dream result look like?

Here are the answers to the question above that was asked of 16 people. See if you recognize yourself in any of these answers.

  • My business would have been sold by age 80 and I’d be living on income from that sale. I would write, hike, travel, and no longer worry about money.
  • There would be a sufficiently large financial reserve at work generating an income and I would have peace of mind and do meaningful work.
  • By age 40 I would be living off my investment income. I would spend time savoring, exploring, reading, music, composing, finding new hobbies. I would not worry about trading time for money and travel with my significant other.
  • I am blessed to have that now. I am living off of my savings and working on making a bigger impact.
  • Knowing that I could retire at age 65 or basically stop working and know that my investments would take care of me. The dream day has basically no financial responsibilities because my investments are taking care of me and I work for pleasure instead of feeling I have to work for money.
  • I would have a good bookkeeper keeping me accountable to do things on time and have basic information to review. I would have a good CPA to reduce taxes. I’d have a handle on where I am financially and have a safe and secure savings plan. I would feel like a good steward, have a sense of peace taking care of my money with fewer struggles.
  • I’d be planning my next vacation or trip and travel.
  • I’d have so much money I wouldn’t even have to think about it. (In one of my previous posts my team and I laughed about this reply. It would be like saying I have such a great relationship with my spouse I don’t have to think about that person!)
  • I would have clarity and confidence in my investment plan and be able to follow the plan. There would be two parts: 1. Money for today 2. Money for my aspirations each month.
  • There would be a feeling and freedom to just do, be, and feel natural with money – no internal voice telling me to hold back. I’d have a team to run my business smoothly. I would work with animal rescue organizations. I love vet surgeries and have two rescue dogs.
  • Surrounding me would be the people who have the genius to help, and teach, and be involved.
  • I wouldn’t have to think about money anymore and just live life.
  • Skipped asking this person for their answer.
  • There would be a mindset shift to inner love and peace with money. I would be willing to look at it and be able to create money whenever wanted.
  • My tax practice is thriving, lucrative, and fulfilling. I’ve completed a series of e-courses, e-books, and workshops to help people with tax problems, debt and money issues, establishing and managing successful businesses, organizing, and more. I spend my days working side by side with my soul mate of forty plus years serving our growing family of loyal customers and clients. We’ve created multiple avenues of cash flow, both active and passive and help others achieve the same. We’re fit, healthy, well balanced. We enjoy the time, money, and freedom to do many of the things we’ve only dreamed of in the past. We have the pride and peace-of-mind of accomplishing our goals and dreams.
  • I would feel like I have wealth and not have to work. My income would come from our investments.

If you recognize yourself in any of these answers, just know you are not alone. And over the next few months we will be creating a program that will allow you to have the dream results like those listed above.

Which one do you most identify with?

To Your Prosperity,