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This is the fourth article in a series created from the answers to questions I recently asked while trying to develop a new financial program based on our roadmap to Complete Financial Choice®.

Our goal is to meet the needs and desires of the people who are on our email list or those who are connected to me in some other way. You can read the first three here.

You might find some of the questions from my earlier posts, or the future posts, to be valuable in helping you to identify your ideal clients. With these questions you can discover what their concerns are. This supports you in designing a program (or programs) that your prospective clients say they want from you.

To make these questions yours, all you need to do is edit them to fit what you have to offer, the gift you want to deliver, or how you want to support and make an impact in the lives of your connections.

If you are a coach in an area other than finance, you might want to edit the question like this:

When it comes to (diet, relationships, exercise, sewing, food choices, grooming horses, whatever…) what do you want to see/learn in a program/training to help you overcome your challenges, fears and frustrations? If you are in manufacturing, you can also ask questions like these.

The 4th question I asked is the following:

What do you want to (see/learn) in a (program/training) to help you overcome your challenges, fears, and frustrations?

Here are the answers to the question above that was asked of 16 people. See if you recognize yourself in any of these answers.

  • I want to understand the stock market. (My comment: You can’t understand crazy.)
  • I’d like to learn reliable strategies to save money, other than austerity, and where to invest.
  • I’d like to see how to crank things up while maintaining my current life style. I want more income and multiple streams of income.
  • I want to move from stocks to real estate step by step. I lost money in nursing home investment.
  • I think forced saving and investing would really help me. Knowing that become prosperous is possible.
  • I resist a program on finances even though I completed the CFP designation 12 years ago. Finances feel overwhelming. I want access to someone beyond a financial planner. I want to know how to make money quickly, but not like a get rich quick scheme. I want to be able to manage the money expert and need a different perspective on money. I want to know how to get out of debt without feel the need to make more money or have it be a grind or scammy. Nine simple steps would be appealing.
  • I need to adjust my attitude on savings and learn better how to measure spending to goals.
  • I’d like practical how-to to grow money, like how to make $1 from 15 cents.
  • Once I have money saved, then I’d like to have a plan and execute on investing.
  • I want to see something new, never done before, help me shift to playing full on.
  • My biggest challenge is my relationship with money and fear. I come from a place of lack. I want help to learn a better mindset around money.
  • I’d like to see a program that would show me where and why to invest for the fastest return.
  • Anything that works in the U.S., like Bank on Yourself Insurance concept.
  • I used the financial budget software Ynab, and when I used it I was on track, but don’t use it any more.
  • I want a program that guides me toward a solid financial foundation; a program that allows me to help my clients, family, friends and centers of influence gain the same financial results.
  • I want to learn about real estate. I know someone who does land investing, but it would not become a full time pursuit.

If you recognize yourself in any of these answers, just know you are not alone. And over the next few months we will be creating a program to provide many of these desires.

To Your Prosperity,