Three high-ranking Generals, one each in the Army, Navy, and Air Force have admitted that the government not only has proof of aliens from outer space having visited the earth, but several, not just one, have crashed. And the spaceships and the bodies of aliens have been recovered.

The remains are not stored in Area 56, where so many people think our extra-terrestrial visitors have been stored, but in a deep underground cave in Montana, away from the prying eyes of airplanes or drones.

This is an ultra-high-security compound with the most sophisticated security systems and the most highly security-clearance personnel. These employees can’t even tell their families the location of their work. The security is greater than Fort Knox.

This is the same location where the body of Abraham Lincoln was brought back to life for 90 seconds. And the deceased President asked amazed doctors, “Where am I?”


The list below was pulled from a few of the subject lines I recently received that arrived in my spam folder.

Hopefully after reading the silly stuff I wrote above, when you get emails with subject lines like:

  • Biden will convert all your money to digital
  • Trump’s stock pick will make you rich
  • China getting ready to invade America
  • FDA approval will send this stock soaring
  • The Dems want to replace cash with WHAT?
  • The new weapon that will change war forever
  • Bill Gates says you need to buy this stock
  • Revolutionary tech breakthrough. The next hot stock
  • The Drug That Could Soar 678%
  • Get free golf balls

You will be more skeptical and just delete the garbage. Or read it for entertainment.

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