The advantage of being on many emails lists of leaders in the online space is that I get to see and learn so much valuable information, and then pass it on to you.

As an example, I received an email from Linda Claire Puig ( — Stop Being a Best-Kept Secret… – and Thrive!) with some excellent questions to ask yourself to see the progress you have made, and plan for the year ahead.

Here are those questions:

1. What have I accomplished this year? Be specific. Write it all down. Your accomplishments may include surviving Covid-19! Or perhaps you pivoted hard in your business and are now succeeding more than you ever imagined possible. Whatever you accomplished, schedule some time to celebrate it all.

2. What have I learned this year? What skills did you pick up, personally or professionally? What emotional lessons did you learn?

3. What got in my way? This is what you will want to focus on in 2022. Was it fear or depression? You could say, “The pandemic.” But be honest if it was really your own self that got in the way.

4. Who contributed to my successes? Who in your circle of family and friends? Who in your business world? What can you do to recognize these people?

5. What mistakes did I make, and what did I learn from them? Writing these down is a good refresher for what not to do next year. If you don’t become aware of them, they could continue to affect you in 2022.

6. How was my work consistent with my values? Do you know your core values? If not, start by making a list. What will you do with any inconsistencies you identify?

7. Where did I not take responsibility? For Linda steady focus can be a problem. She was tempted to blame it on all kinds of things, like, for instance, getting a new dog. But truthfully, where she focused her attention is in her control. Sometimes this is easier to see with a little distance from the actual event(s).

8. How did my performance rate? Give yourself a letter grade or a 1-10 score. She gave herself about a 7. She wishes it were better, but she’s satisfied with it overall. How was yours?

9. What do I need to let go of? This was another big year for letting go — some of it forced, some of it by choice. Take stock of what you let go of in 2021 (and what you still might need to let go). It can help you move much more lightly into the new year.

10. What was missing for me this year? This may seem easy to answer (Linda: international travel) But think deeper. Were you missing support in your business? Were you missing the courage to do something new? How can you bring those into next year?

These are also the questions I will be working on for myself.

To Your Prosperity,