Please don’t be mad at me; I just could not resist creating a subject line with the words “reveals” and “secret” in it. It’s my marketing background.

You have you probably read the book with this secret already, you might even have practiced the concept.

Not only it is responsible for creating massive wealth for the world’s richest people, but it has worked for ordinary people too. Even corporations use this secret concept.

What is this book? What is this secret concept?

I will tell you shortly.

First I want you to know that in all economic environments this concept works. And while millions of people are still suffering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this secret concept will still work.

The first time I tried this concept I was around age 35. Unfortunately I had a bad experience with the IRS ten months after I started and I didn’t apply this concept again for another eight years. Then I got divorced for a second time seven years after that, and had to start again from scratch for the third time.

But, each time I applied the concept it worked. The third time I applied the concept I was age 50, and by age 53 I was able to dramatically accelerate the power behind this secret concept. Within about 6 years it is responsible for my creating a multi-million dollar net worth.

What is this secret concept? It is treating yourself like you matter.

And how do you do that? By paying yourself first 10% of the money you earn BEFORE you pay anyone or anything else; before you pay for food, utilities or shelter.

The secret concept is just that simple; pay yourself first.

If you don’t apply this simple concept that has worked for 5000 years, you will have to work for money until you die. If you do apply this concept you have a shot at being able to choose to work, instead of having to work.

And what book explains this 5000 year old secret concept? It was written about 100 years ago with the title The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason.

This secret concept has worked for 5000 years, and will still be working to create wealth when you and I are dust.

Is it time for you to read this book, or read it again? Then do that, and act on it.

To Your Prosperity,