It feels like the world is going through another major transformation with Artificial Intelligence:

Self-driving cars; refrigerators that tell you to order more milk; students that can have ChatGPT write their term papers; and professors who can use AI to grade them.

People in the online world are using AI to write their emails, blog posts, LinkedIn replies or marketing, and even educational courses.

Attorneys are using ChatGPT to write briefs, documents, and contracts.

Even scammers are able to use a sample of a person’s voice, like from social media, and edit it to use on the phone to scam a grandparent that the grandchild is in trouble and needs money.

However, when you get an email or post from me it will be from me; a live, human, breathing, sentient being.

The opinions I express about your money or your business, or the psychology of money, or our relationship to money or business will be mine.

The stories you hear about what works, and what doesn’t work, are based on actual people, experiences, and situations not manufactured by AI.

If you want to interact with a real person who has 50+ years of business, sales, marketing, and wealth-building experience, I’m your guy.

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