Hopefully you are interested in the subject line and it grabbed your attention. While I do live near the California coast, and we do have sharks, this is a shark of a different feather.

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Kevin Harrington. He was the first original shark selected to be on Shark Tank. If you never watched Shark Tank you are missing what it takes to grow a business. You need to know how to manage your cost of goods, distribution and market. You must know your numbers or you will be sent packing.

Kevin was the inventor of the infomercial: He sold over $5 billion, (that’s billion with a B) worth of products with his As Seen On TV brand. Entrepreneur Magazine has called him one of the top Entrepreneurs of our time.

And here he was interviewing little old me. You can listen to it (or read it) >>HERE<<.

Why was he interviewing me? It was because I not only walk my talk by following a step-by-step system to produce wealth for myself and others, but because I donate 100% of the profits from my work to charity. My goal is to help others become wealthy so they can also become philanthropists and support charities that are important to them. Step one is for you to become rich.

You do not hear me talk about this often enough. You hear the hype about how you don’t have to work for a living, but work can be a choice instead of a requirement. You hear me talk about doing work that touches your heart. You hear me talk about growing your business and increasing both your impact and income.

You need to hear me talking about why I do this. You need to know the purpose is beyond just making you rich. The purpose is to work with you as long as you also have a goal to give back.

Here is just one part of the interview:

Kevin: Because I know you built a multimillion dollar estate out of out of a small amount of monthly income. And there’s a technique to doing this, right?

Me: Absolutely, and it’s so funny too because of there are myths that people buy into that really don’t serve them. As an example; wasting small amounts of money doesn’t make a difference; like buying a muffin and a coffee at Starbucks every day. That small amount of money over time could create a million-dollar portfolio for someone.

You can hear the whole interview >>HERE<<

To Your Success,