If you’re having any financial struggles you first need to know it is not your fault.

After discovering the solutions to my financial struggles I recognized it was not my fault. And I bet the same applies to you.

Here are the reasons it’s not your fault:

1. How to handle money, write a check, save for the future, invest, and understand how to construct a budget – none of this is taught in school.

2. Parents can’t teach it either if they didn’t learn how to do it.

3. Society programs you to believe it is better to be poor than to be wealthy. Just look at Hollywood movies, TV shows, books, and even the Scripture.

4. Advertising shows you how to spend your money on things that they tell you will improve your life, and you’re supposed to believe it.

5. You might falsely believe that the more money you make the wealthier you will become.

6. Your CPA and financial gurus tell you to pay off debts before you invest.

My list can go on and on, but again, it’s not your fault when you see there has been no proper instruction and the myths you hear about money are all around you.

I searched and searched for the answers; I became a Certified Financial Planner®, read books, attended seminars and workshops, and even a 12 Step program before I found the answers.

If you want to see some proof of what I said above, just check out my TEDx talk on the conflicting messages we get about money. You can access it at https://wealthonanyincome.com/tedx

To Your Prosperity,