Sometimes someone comes to me and says, “I’m too old to start over,” or, “I’m too old to start investing now.”

You will see from the graph/chart below I’ve had some ups and downs. I’ve been broke three times and the last time was at age 50 when I had to start over. At age 75 I no longer worry about money and how I will cover my bills.

Graph Of Life

However, I have met people with far larger incomes than me, and have almost nothing to show for it. You’ve heard it before, it’s not how much money you make, it’s what you do with it that makes all the difference.

I created a multi-million dollar net worth by saving $500 per month from an income of $5000 per month.

I’ve had clients who had to start over at 67, 70, and 74, whether from health issues, divorce, or the death of a spouse, and all of them have succeeded in transforming their financial situation.

One of them went from a negative net worth of about $250,000 to a positive net worth of $2m.

What’s the point? The point is that it is never too late to be financially successful. And it doesn’t matter what ups and downs you have had, you can still succeed financially.

You may be ready to transform your business and financial situation. If that is the case, I am opening up ONE slot for a coaching client.

We can only meet on Wednesdays and if you’re interested I will email a short form for you to complete to see if you’d qualify.

If you qualify, you won’t just get information, I guarantee you can create results.

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To Your Prosperity,


Here is my history:

In 1956 at age 8 I worked the counter at a bakery and swept the floors where my mom worked, that my aunt owned, but I shouldn’t count this because I don’t recall if I got paid.
In 1961 at age 13 I delivered newspapers and sold greeting cards door to door
In 1968 at age 20 I was a cashier for Safeway grocery stores while in college
In 1970 at 22 I was self-employed doing art therapy in convalescent homes
In 1971 at 23 I graduated college, taught art in elementary thru high school in Nebraska and coached the wrestling and track teams. That lasted one year.
In 1972 at 24 I sold clothes pressing machines.
In 1973 at 25 I became a life insurance salesman.
In 1981 at 33 I sold pension and profit-sharing plans.

Now the dates and ages get fuzzy:
In 1982 I had an art gallery business with 4 locations, and I went broke.
In 1984 with two partners, we established a pension administration company.
In 1987 I got divorced (#1) went broke and sold the pension company to a public company.
and was in and out of that business over the next 5 years.
In 1992 I started financial and business coaching and presentations to large corporations like Toyota, Ford Motors, hospitals, city governments, etc.
In 1998 got divorced for the second time, and went broke for the third time.
In 1999 I started a book publishing company and continued coaching.
In 2001 at age 53 I started investing in apartment buildings with my wife and a Realtor.
Around 2003 I stopped the coaching business and continued to borrow money to invest in apartment buildings.
From age 58 to 66 I played with the apartment buildings.
At 66 I severed my Achilles tendon, retired for about 4 weeks, and then started the online business and returned to business and financial coaching.
In 2020 at age 72 started podcasting and kept one coaching client.
At age 75 I am down to working one day per week, doing the podcasting, coaching one client and transitioning my grandson into supporting me in the apartment building business.