I have a friend, Chellie Campbell, and in one of her emails she wrote about working with “your people” and to not be concerned about people that don’t want to work with you. It’s just that they’re not “your people.”

She spoke about a seminar leader who beautifully demonstrated this approach:

He said to each one, “Would you like more coffee?” Some said, “Yes, please” and held out their cups and he’d pour them some coffee. Others said, “No thanks” and he went on to the next person.

When he got back to the front of the room, he said, “This is what sales is all about. The waitress at Denny’s is just looking for the people that want more coffee and helping them to have it.

When someone doesn’t want more coffee, she doesn’t go back to the kitchen and cry about it: “What did I do wrong? Did I say the wrong thing? Is my apron dirty? Don’t they like blonds? Do I need to work on my accent? Isn’t the coffee any good? Oh, I never do anything right!

But do you do that when someone blasts your ideas on your blog?

Or calls you up and says your email was all wrong?

Or says you were too pushy?

Or unsubscribes from your list?

The point that seminar leader made is so obvious. You offer what you have, and those who know they want it will ask for it or accept your offer.

Those that don’t want what you have are not “your people” and you can just move on without making yourself wrong.

To Your Prosperity,