You probably already know how being the author of a book can create the credibility that will grow your business. But do you know how to write that book that will grow your business?

Whether you are a health care provider, coach, business owner, or professional, it doesn’t matter, the concepts are the same.

How do I know?

About twelve years ago I closed down my book publishing company. We helped about 80 professionals, Realtors, and more grow their businesses by becoming published authors.

We had 80 book titles in the bookstores.

Within one year our clients grew their incomes by double to triple what they earned prior to becoming published authors. And they got so much free publicity and promotion from all forms of media, from print to broadcast.

People want to work with those that they see as authorities in their field. And if you look at the word authority, it starts with the word author.

Here is a short list of how to write a book to grow your business.

  • Have a clear purpose. What result do you want to produce?
  • Put a stimulating message in your title. It’s the result the reader will produce.
  • Use stories to illustrate the result(s).
  • Organize your content so that it makes progressive sense.
  • Use language that is clear for anyone with an 8th-grade education to understand.
  • Include a call to action so the reader knows what to do next.

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