Currently our country is in turmoil on the political landscape. There are deep divisions and polarization.

Everything about the left is bad…

Everything about the right is bad…

A friend of mine for over twenty years wrote a book a few years ago about how lobbyists influence government and how senior bureaucrats control so much of how our government works in pharmaceuticals, tobacco, oil, and gas. It’s called Lobbycratic Governance.

It is now getting new life to hopefully educate us on how our government actually works.

A New York literary agency recently discovered the book my friend wrote a few years ago and made this 1-minute video to promote it. Check it out here:

See the guarantee below. If you want to buy the book, and if you identify yourself as a friend of mine the price is a flat $20. That works out to about a 35% discount from its full retail cost.

All you need do is send an email to the author, Godfrey Harris <>, with your name and address using LOBBYCRATIC GOVERNANCE as the subject line. (This is only for those in the U.S.)

Guarantee: You will receive the book with an invoice. If when you get the book you determine it’s a waste of time, don’t pay the invoice and you can get it for FREE – but please give your copy to your local library.

This is how you can learn about how our government really works.

To Your Prosperity,