Recently I received a call from Spectrum News for an interview. While I have Spectrum as my Internet provider, I had no idea they had a news broadcast.

Anyway, while it had to do with the rental situation in Los Angeles, which is very tough for both renters and property owners, I got some good publicity out of it.

Whether you have the opportunity to be interviewed by your local newspaper, a national newspaper, a magazine, a radio host, a podcast host, a TV morning show, or any other media, take advantage of that.

When people are looking at your website, having some social proof gives people the feeling you are legit and competent. If news organizations interview you, you must be knowledgeable. Right?

Even if it’s not true, people believe it.

Even if it is a little off-topic from your primary work, it is still valuable.

If you would like to see a two minute segment where I was interviewed, here is the link:

Spectrum Interview

After watching the interview, do you think having items like this would be valuable for you? 

To Your Prosperity,