Recently I was a guest on the podcast of Fred Diamond who focuses on sales training for women in large organizations. (You can find out more about that interview at the end of this post.)

After being on the podcast and reading the transcript I was reminded of my unsuccessful career in sales.

Maybe it would be considered successful to other people because I was earning over six figures in the 1990s, but it didn’t feel that way to me. Read an excerpt of the transcript below to understand what I am trying to say.

‘One of the things that I was confronted with personally, because I was in sales for many years, whether it was selling life insurance, or mutual funds, or pension plans, it didn’t make any difference; one of the things that I noticed was that I had a volatile income.

I’d make some large sales one month and the next month it would be weak. That drove me absolutely crazy. I’d stop my marketing just because I made a sale.

I recognized that I needed to create some stable income outside of my sales career. That was when I started investing in various things, whether it was real estate, or stocks, things that would give me a return.

To quote Warren Buffet: “If you haven’t learned how to make money while you sleep you will work for the rest of your life.” What I like to do is provide people the opportunity to see they can have work as a choice and not as a requirement.

I remember if I was desperate for a sale, the person I was talking to could sense it.

Instead when I came from a place of I’m here to serve and support you, they sense that as well.

That comes from a position of whether I make this sale or I don’t, it doesn’t change my life.

For a young professional coming into a situation, if they feel desperate, the prospect they’re talking to is going to smell it.

When you know that you’ve got some financial stability behind you, you’ve got some assets, and you don’t have to fight for next month’s rent, or car payment, or mortgage payment, you’re coming from a position of strength.

When you’re able to come from a position of serving someone you will be more successful.’

To listen to the 27 minute podcast, click here:

To Your Prosperity,