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This is article #4 in the series of the six areas of support (from the book Change Anything) that will allow you to change or transform any area of your life, from over-eating to creating wealth.

Today we will talk about what Social Ability means. In the previous emails we spoke about the first three areas on the list below, you can access those >>HERE<<

Here is a list of the six areas:

  1. Personal Motivation
  2. Personal Ability
  3. Social Motivation
  4. Social Ability
  5. Structural Motivation
  6. Structural Ability

As a reminder, what I will discuss is how to apply each one of the six areas only as it applies to creating financial abundance. You can choose any other area to work on, and it will be just as powerful. It’s like you rowing a boat only on one side versus having six people, with three on each side, all rowing in the same direction. Again, these areas of support have nothing to do with willpower.

When we discussed Social Motivation, we addressed the desire of the group to support you.

With Social Ability, what we are addressing whether or not the group has the skills and abilities to support you.

Think of it this way.

You want to get out of debt, but most of your friends have credit card debt that acts like a ball and chain around their leg. They don’t know how to change their situation, so how could they support you to change your situation?

If you had the knowledge, willingness and motivation to get out of debt, and some of your friends, or even one of your friends, had that same motivation, you could work together and support each other. In the past I spoke about an accountability buddy. That is a fit here.

If none of the people in your social circle, or your friends, have the knowledge to get out of debt, then you will have to look for new friends or pay someone to help you. AND you can find new friends in groups where those types of people hang out. There are plenty of seminars, workshops and meet-ups where people have aligned interests.

You have to either convert the people around you who may be accomplices to your old behavior into friends that will support your new behavior, or you have to find new friends. This is a tough one. You may have to find a mentor, new friends or hire a coach. Over time I’ve done all three.

Where can you find the people who can support the new you?

To Your Prosperity,