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This is article #3 in the series of the six areas of support (from the book Change Anything) that will allow you to change or transform any area of your life, from over-eating to creating wealth. In the previous articles, we spoke about Personal Motivation and Personal Ability. You can access those >>HERE<<

Today we will talk about what Social Motivation means.

Here is a list of the six areas:

  1. Personal Motivation
  2. Personal Ability
  3. Social Motivation
  4. Social Ability
  5. Structural Motivation
  6. Structural Ability

As a reminder, what I will discuss is how to apply each one of the six areas only as it applies to creating financial abundance. You can choose any other area to work on, and it will be just as powerful. Think of what it would be like to sit on one side of a boat while rowing, versus having six people, with three on each side, all rowing in the same direction. Again, these areas of support have nothing to do with willpower.

When we discuss Social Motivation, what we are addressing are your friends or the people that surround you.

Will they support your new good habits, or do they want to support your bad habits?

You will need to observe if people want you to stay like you are, or are willing to support the new you. Are the people around you spenders or savers? Are they in debt or debt-free?

Do you and your friends feel comfortable that you are all in the same boat together, and not going anywhere that maybe you’re motivated to go? Or are the people around you successful and prosperous professionals or business owners?

Like Jim Rohn says, “Your income will be the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

If you want to increase your income or become debt-free, you may have to find some new friends. I am not saying you have to dump your current friends, but add new people into the fold.

If your current friends are accomplices to your bad behavior, and they would rather see you stay in the same sad boat, then maybe you do have to dump them. The point is to open your eyes and observe.

If you wanted to quit smoking, and your friends were all smokers, do you think it would be easy or difficult for you to quit smoking?

What do you see when you look at the prosperity of your circle of friends?

To Your Prosperity,