As you hopefully know, I donate 100% of the profits from my books, programs, and coaching to various animal and veteran charities. One of them is Shelter To Soldier. They rescue dogs and train them as service animals for soldiers who have returned with PTSD or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries). This charity is saving two lives at a time.

How can I do this? I can do this because I learned how to create wealth.

The income from the investments my wife and I have is more than enough to support our modest standard of living.And almost all of the people we work with at Wealth On Any Income want to do good in the world, more than just do good for themselves. And …

The saddest thing is a broke philanthropist.


What’s the easiest way to be philanthropic? Donate your time to the cause that matters most to you.

What’s the second-best way to be philanthropic? Create personal wealth so you can donate money to multiple causes that touch your heart.

What’s the third-best way to be philanthropic? Become so wealthy that you create your own foundation to support any of the causes that are important to you. (I am not there yet.)

Here are some examples of celebrities that you likely know that have set up their own foundations:

John Legend: Formed in 2007 his foundation focuses on two main issues; education and mass incarceration.

Pharrell Williams: Formed in 2008 his foundation is focused on providing quality education to children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Jennifer Lopez: Her foundation was started in 2010 in Puerto Rico and has since gone global and promotes healthy eating, exercise and access to care for women, children, and families.

Will and Jada Smith: Formed in 1996, their foundation focuses on four main areas; arts and education, empowerment, health, and sustainability.

If you want to know more, just type into Google “what celebrities have their own foundations” and you can read more about the foundations of Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, and more.

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