I recently attended a conference and met Tom Malesic and he was giving away Be More Awesome rocks. We chatted for a while and he has a great FREE motivational organization.

As you know, every day we are inundated with negativity. The news media focuses on disaster and violence; “If it bleeds; it leads” as the old newspaper adage.

TV programming has made it normal for people to be mean and belittling as a way of life. World leaders are behaving like school yard bullies. There is good happening across the world, but unfortunately we don’t often hear about it. I think it’s more important than ever to shine a big bright light on all the good that is already happening; and you can be a part of it.

Tom inspired me and I’m sure his material will inspire you. He started the website www.beMoreAwesome.com  four months ago and now has over 40,000 Fans and subscribers. His goal is 1 million.

The site showcases the goodness and positivity in the world. You can read stories and watch videos of people being awesome, kind, generous and loving. You will find blogs, inspirational quotes and podcasts. He encourages visitors to share their own stories

Go check it out and signup to get his inspirational stories and ideas. www.bemoreawesome.com

Also, you can download his FREE e-book, 101 Things to Make You Instantly Happy: http://www.bemoreawesome.com/happiness-ebook

Have a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrate.