You ought to be wondering what is going on between Hamas and Israel has to do with your money. Right?

When we are young, like 3-8 years of age, we believe what we are told. We have no filters to block lies. We have no critical thinking skills. What we are told, we believe.

I just heard an interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the founder of the militant group Hamas. I also heard his presentation to the United Nations.

The objective is not to co-exist with Israel. The ultimate objective is to seek total conquest and build an Islamic state on the rubble of every other civilization. He spoke about how Hamas uses human shields and teaches children how to hate.

This is an extreme example of how children can be indoctrinated to believe certain things.

As a child, if you were told there is never enough money, or you will never amount to anything, or you will be poor your whole life just like everyone else in your family, or you deserve to have the government take care of you the rest of your life, you will believe it as the truth.

It is rare that someone can break free of those childhood messages – but it can be done.

Mosab Yousef did it, but he had to give up everything he was told and everything he had. Luckily, you don’t have to give up everything to break free of your childhood money messages.

What are the messages you need to discard to change your financial future?

To Your Prosperity,


To hear a two-minute interview with Mosab Yousef, click here: Son of Hamas – YouTube

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