In the past, I’ve written about the difference between the attitudes of ordinary people compared to the attitudes of the wealthy. T. Harv Eker talks about the poor versus the rich.

To me, that’s too black and white, demeaning, and because someone appears rich does not mean they are wealthy. You can see rich; fancy cars, fancy clothes, and fancy houses. You can’t see wealth; you don’t know if they have reserves, investment real estate, a large stock portfolio, or significant passive income.

As an example, Eker says rich people think big and poor people think small. But what is big versus small???

There are people I know personally who have 1000+ rental units. We only had 50 units at the most. In my mind I was thinking small. However, our 50 units created a very large net worth; more than 90% of the population, and to those people I was thinking big.

A change in mindset can shift you from ordinary to wealthy when you take action on that new mindset.

Here are some examples that were edited from T. Harv Eker:

  1. The wealthy create and write down their goals. Ordinary people let circumstances and life happen to them.
  2. The wealthy look for opportunities. The ordinary focus on obstacles.
  3. The wealthy hang around and model other wealthy and successful people. Many people who are poor resent and are jealous of wealthy and successful people.

Next week we will examine a few more differences between the wealthy and the ordinary.

Ask yourself if you are jealous of wealthy and successful people. Or are you modeling them?

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