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With a pandemic and struggling businesses we are coming to the end of a tough year, and many businesses will not survive. This does not have to be you.

This is the time to consider a powerful, free, effective tool to grow your business as we move into 2021. It doesn’t matter if you are selling products or services, this tool still works. It is the Focus Marketing tool, and it will help you find your best clients.

Focus Marketing is a process to double or triple your income by focusing your marketing efforts on breaking up large groups of people into smaller groups where you can work more effectively.

You will develop RELATIONSHIPS with people who need and can pay for your services and you will find new clients more easily, effectively, and productively.

You will focus on groups of people who:

  1. Communicate and network with each other.
  2. You can easily reach.
  3. Have common needs and characteristics.
  4. You understand, relate to, and WANT to work with.

In Focus Marketing you will be seen as the resource that specializes in the needs and wants of a particular segment. People want to work with those who understand them and have the ability to fulfill their wants and needs.

Although this can be a long term process that requires commitment, it has far greater long term benefits. It is an effective way to build a business or professional practice that offers rewards far into the future.

Ask yourself where you want to be in five years, and then determine if the group(s) you are considering to work with will assist you in reaching your goals.

Sample groups can be business owners or professionals in SPECIFIC industries, such as auto parts dealers, dry cleaners, grocers, HR professionals, doctors, veterinarians, dentists, plumbers, electrical engineers, jewelers, CPAs, police officers, firefighters, attorneys, etc.

They can be people who share common interests or hobbies, such as divorced women, sports club members, social club members, school groups, dancers, singers, entertainers, youth groups, retired business owners, veterans groups, yacht clubs, grandparent associations, hopefully you get the idea.

You start by listing either your last 20 clients, or you can list your top 20 clients if you know who they are. If you use an A, B, or C classification of your clients, you will know. Some criteria to use; the commissions or income you earned; their occupation; or if they provided you referrals.

There is an Excel form that I’ve been using for 32 years use to identify where I can find more of my best clients. Regardless of current technology, this concept still works. The form identifies 12 categories that your ideal clients might share. Examples are the typical things like age and income, and categories to find more people like your best clients based on occupations or association membership.

One of the categories asks if you like working with that person. Just because you might have made a large income or commission from someone does not mean you liked working with them, or want more clients like them.

Here is what that form looks like:
If you would like the actual Excel version, just sent an email to with the subject line Focus Marketing.

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