When you write some sales copy or an email, do you know the most powerful words that influence people to act?

These new words are guaranteed to work for you, and they are free to use. You can even use them in a sales conversation.

Let’s start with the worst words to use:
I, me, we, and us.

When I talk about “me”, it’s likely I will get tuned out.

So what are the best words to use?

You (or your), guarantee, new, free, and sex

I have to apologize here and admit sex sells. You have seen the ads that show beautiful women falling all over themselves based on the beer someone is drinking or the car they are driving.

Ponder the words you use. Each individual word can be important and make a difference in your sales copy. As an example, would you rather have sex education or sex training?

It’s stupid and demeaning – and it helps sell beer and cars.

You know about the radio station WIIFM, right? It stands for What’s In It For Me.

You and your are two of most powerful words you can use in your sales copy. Anywhere you write I, me, or we, replace it with you and your.

Also, people want and feel more comfortable with a guarantee. Offer that with your programs or courses.

Do you like things that are new or old? Well if you like things that are new, so do your clients and prospects. That’s why you see new and improved on the face of some products.

People, and me included, love to get free stuff. The vast majority of online marketing starts with offering something for free; a free report, video, or quiz assessment.

If you can guarantee new free sex, then you would have the market cornered.

Have fun writing your next sales copy using the five most influential words in sales:
You, guarantee, new, free, and sex.

To Your Prosperity,