For about 10 years I had a wonderful mentor. Her name was Patricia McDade.

If you have heard of Werner Erhard, the creator of EST (Erhard Seminars Training), Patricia helped him move from doing seminars in houses to doing them in stadiums.

She created a program for Landmark Education called Self Expression and Leadership, among others. When I met Patricia in 1992 she started a program a year earlier called the Entrepreneurial Edge specifically for business owners and entrepreneurs.

It was designed to create quantum growth, and for many people, it did just that. After being in the course for a few years I became one of her staff coaches supporting the participants.

It was a fabulous training ground for creating out-of-the-box thinking and business development.

One of my favorite expressions from Patricia was…

“Fish can’t see the water they’re swimming in.”

We all have our blind spots, and some of them are right in front of us, yet we can’t see them, just like the fish.

It takes someone outside of your situation to more clearly see your situation and provide guidance, suggestions, alternatives, and possibilities that you may not be able to see on your own.

When it comes to answers around money, finances, debts, or business growth, it’s helpful to have someone from the outside to bounce ideas off of or see the situation from a different perspective.

If that is an area where you might want support, reach out to me. I set aside 15-minute slots one day per week to provide support to people. If it’s a fit for us to work together; great.

If it is not a fit, that’s okay too. As a reminder, I donate 100% of my book, program, and coaching profits to charities.

To Your Prosperity,