A few weekends ago I was teaching my class at UCLA on how to buy and manage apartment buildings. When I started on the topic of goals I was reminded of how powerful you can be when you have intention.

You can use either the word determination or intention, and the example I used was how my wife and I found each other.

Regardless of which word you use, it deals with the structures you put into place to achieve your goals.

This article will provide an example in the area of personal relationships. In my opinion, relationships are the most difficult area to create and maintain success. I believe it is far, far more difficult than achieving success in business or with money.

I have been with my wife for 23 years and our relationship is stronger today than in the early years.

What we had in common when we met were two things:

1. The intention of finding the best partner (for each of us).
2. A WRITTEN list of the qualities, values, attributes, and preferences of our next partner.

I was 50 at the time, twice divorced, and broke. My wife was 45 at the time and financially stable.

My list had 20 qualities and attributes I desired in my next partner.

My wife had 72 items on her list.

My list was on one page.

The items for my wife filled a journal with her list and affirmations.

Here are some examples from my list:
#2 – Intelligence in thought and conversations; can show up in education
#4 – Physically attractive, active, fit, and athletic, 5’4” to 5’10”, age 34 to 45
#12 – Non-smoker, no heavy drinking, no drugs
#13 – Spiritual
#20 – Does not have very young children or has no desire for children

Here are some examples from the list of my wife:
#1 – 5’10” to 6’2
#2 – Age 39-50
#3 – Not bald – full head of hair
#14 – Spiritual
#15 – Non-smoker
#51 – No drugs or alcohol

As you can see there are similar things on her list compared to my list.

She met 18.5 of the 20 items on my list.

I met 59.5 of the 72 items on her list.

Plus, she was writing affirmations; mine were only in my head.

Here is an example of some of her affirmations:
This man exists, he is perfect for me.
Each day God brings him closer to me.

Again, with intention and determination, we found each other and have been happily together for the last 23 years.

Whether it’s business, finances, or relationships, writing your intention and being determined to create what you desire will allow it to manifest for you.

As an adjustment to my quote of, “Wealth creation is a team sport, not a solo sport;” realize, “Success is a team sport, not a solo sport.” Other people were responsible for guiding Dianne and I to each other and we were both in action.

If you would like the full lists, just send me an email and I will send both lists to you.

To Your Prosperity and Relationships,