With summer upon us, you may be planning some travel, and I found a cool way to get good deals on hotel rooms.

You might already know about this, but I didn’t. I was so pleased I shared it with my wife, and she said this is already what she does.

When it is time to book a hotel room you want a good price, right?

How many websites do you need to look at?

Or how many phone calls do you make?

In the past, this is what was required to get a good deal on a hotel room.

Many years ago I used some online website to book a room in Las Vegas when I went to visit my daughter. It was not a gambling trip, and she lived many miles from the strip in Summerlin.

I think it was Priceline or Hotels.com, or maybe Expedia. It really doesn’t matter. The point is I used that service to book the hotel room at the wrong location with a chain of hotels.

When I called the hotel and asked them to transfer the registration to the correct location they said that cannot be done because I booked online with one of those services.

I could have received the same rate if I called the hotel directly, and they could have transferred it to the other location. Instead, I lost out on my $89 payment and called directly to the correct location to book my room.

I will NEVER book through one of those online services again.

Here are the steps to follow to get a great rate on your next hotel room:

  1. Use Google
  2. Type in your destination city or town plus the word “hotels” – you will see a map with available hotels.
  3. When you find a hotel you like, click on it to view prices listed by the major booking websites.
  4. NOW, call the hotel you want directly.
  5. Ask if they will match the online price. They will almost always do that because now they don’t have to pay the booking website.
  6. Book your room at a great rate.

To Your Prosperity,


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