When it comes to creating wealth you can choose to either have excuses or have solutions. In the past, I wrote about the either/or thinking, and this is the one example I can think of where you cannot have both.

When you focus on the excuses why you cannot create wealth you are allowing yourself to stay stuck, like the excuses are truth and the end of the story. Maybe your dad was a spendthrift; maybe your mom was a miser; maybe you didn’t learn in school how to handle money; maybe you had low paying jobs; maybe you didn’t get a higher education. They might even be true, but they are irrelevant.

When you focus on the excuse, you miss the chance to look for solutions.

You cannot find solutions if you are not looking for them.

When you look for solutions, you will find them.

If you didn’t learn from your parents or didn’t learn in school how to handle money, SO WHAT? As an adult, you are in control of your life and if you want solutions, just ask for them; they are all around you. There are classes at community colleges, there are workshops, there are seminars, there are books, there are websites, and there are even videos on YouTube.

Even my website www.WealthOnAnyIncome.com has free resources. If you’ve been there and not downloaded the business building tools, go do that now.

If you have a summary of my award-winning, best-selling book, but did not read three simple pages, do that now.

If a kid who failed high school math can become a multi-millionaire, you don’t have any real excuses that would stop you.

To your prosperity,