You are not alone when you feel it’s difficult to spend money sometimes. If it’s difficult for you now, it will be even more difficult in retirement, or when you think you have Complete Financial Choice®.

If you type into Google, “Why is it hard to spend money in retirement?” you’ll see 126 Million results.

While I enjoy reading about the psychological barriers to spending money, you might rather appreciate how to overcome the blocks to spending money when you established that you have enough.

First, be aware that undoing a lifetime of frugality is not easy to reverse. When you reach your senior years is the time you can focus on the things to make spending easier.

I’ve heard it said that the point of a rich life isn’t just about the money. It’s to use your money to live a life that excites you and brings meaning to your life.

There are questions you can use to overcome your frugality when you are ready.

The following are the questions that come from a blog by Fritz Gilbert that you can ask yourself that will support you to break through the barriers that restrict you:

  1. Will this purchase materially impact your wealth?
  2. Will this purchase improve your life experience?
  3. Will you have regrets if you don’t make this purchase?
  4. Have you done your homework, or are you being spontaneous?
  5. Are you getting good value for your money?

You could use these questions when buying a house, a car, a vacation, or even a bicycle. It depends on how you define a large purchase.

If it’s a large purchase, use 24 hours to answer the questions. You’ll feel better if you do that.

What would be a considered large purchase for you?

To Your Prosperity,