When you read, Do Not Budget, you might be thinking I am suggesting you ignore your finances.

This is not what I am suggesting.

And while I wrote about this a couple of times last year, it is time to consider it again with a little different approach.

The word budget for most people brings up the feelings of sacrifice, deprivation, scrimping, and lack. Those are not empowering feelings when you want to transform your financial situation.

I suggest you replace the term budget with Spending Plan.

“What’s the difference?” you might ask.

From my Wealth On Any Income Book here is how I explain it:

“You need to answer the following question. And the operative word here, the key word, the important word is like.

Do you like to budget? Probably not.

Let’s try another question. Do you like to spend money? Probably.

That’s why I’ve created a spending plan instead of a budget. What I mean is you begin to spend your money in the areas that provide you the most pleasure.

Well, you won’t know where that is unless you find out where you’ve been spending your money and begin evaluating the level of pleasure you’ve been getting from it.”

The point is that with a Spending Plan you evaluate and measure the level of pleasure from where you spend your money with the goals you established from an exercise earlier in the book.

You have aligned your spending with the goals you want to achieve. Doesn’t that sound better than budgeting?

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