There are so many scams and scammers in our world it is scary.

And I want to help protect you from as many of them as I can.

There are scammers that attempt to impersonate Amazon, your bank, or a business where you are a customer, like Target, Walmart, or a utility like the water, power, or phone company.

Remember these important clues so that you can identify scams and keep your account and information safe:

  1. Never feel pressured to give information (such as your credit card number or account password) over the phone, especially if the call was unexpected.  Scammers may try to use calls, texts, and emails to impersonate a business where you are (or might be) a customer. If you’re ever unsure, it’s safest to end the call/chat and reach out directly to customer support through that company’s app or website.
  2. Never pay over the phone. No company will ever ask you to provide payment by gift cards (or “verification cards”, as some scammers call them) for products or services over the phone.
  3. Trust business-owned channels. Always log on directly to a business. Do not click on a link from an email when seeking customer support or when looking to make updates or changes to your account.
  4. Be wary of false urgency. Scammers may try to create a sense of urgency to persuade you to do what they’re asking. Be wary any time someone tries to convince you that you must act now.
  5. Don’t pay to help a stranded relative. If you get a call that your brother, nephew or grandchild is stranded or in jail, or has been kidnapped and needs money wired, don’t do it. You can call your brother, nephew, or grandchild and confirm they are safe.
  6. Finally, (for now) do NOT click on a link sent to your phone. Unless you requested a link from someone you KNOW do not click on a link that arrives in a text message. This installs malware, or a virus, to your phone.

There are so many more scams out there, and I will discuss more in a future article.
So stay alert, be safe, and be prosperous.


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