Would you like people to trust you in seven seconds?

You can learn how to have people trust you, like you, and buy from you in as little as seven seconds.

This is not a promotional email to a seminar or workshop. Below is a link to a six-minute interview with Vanessa Van Edwards, the author of Human Lie Detection.

You will see and hear the three keys to being likeable and irresistible are:

  1. Hand gestures that show intention and explanation.
  2. Vocal variety with excitement versus a monotone.
  3. How much to smile, not all the time, but at the right time.

In 6 minutes you can learn how to move and speak so people will find you irresistible. You will understand how to easily develop the “know, like, and trust” factor so people will buy.

Vanessa and her team researched hundreds of hours of TED talks and used participants to rate the talks.

Half of the participants got to see and hear the TED presentation…and half could see the presentation, but had NO SOUND. And the ratings were the same from both groups.

This is the most valuable 6 minutes you can spend this month!

To Your Prosperity,