Here is a question to ask yourself – are you happy?

Recently I was in a local hardware store to purchase a specialized bulb for one of my tenants. We are replacing the roof on one of the buildings. The vibrations from removing the old roof caused a two-pin bulb to fall out of its fixture on the ceiling and break.

While in the hardware store waiting for my turn at one of the cash registers, an older lady walked right past me on the left and to the cashier that I was going to walk up to.

The lady (and I use the term loosely) said to me, “You can go after me.” It wasn’t like I had a cart full of items; I had one small light bulb in my hand.

When the next cashier opened up closer to the exit I replied to the lady, “I’ll just go to that cashier ahead of you.”

As the lady was leaving I could see this was not a happy person and I said to her, “Have a nice day.” And her reply to me was, “Don’t tell me what to do!

My next comment was, “I was not telling you what to do. I was only offering you an opportunity.

At that moment I realized that she was not only a very unhappy person, but she really needed someone to be nice to her.

Whether she was dealing with cancer, an abusive partner, or just had emotional issues, she desperately needed someone to be nice to her.

Perhaps the goal in life is NOT to be happy. Maybe the goal in life is something else.

I do think happiness is a goal worth striving for: Happy in work; happy with family; happy in personal relationships, happy spiritually, or happy that we are just alive.

As you look at your life, are you happy?

To Your Prosperity,